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    Author:admin Time:2010/6/25 6:01:33

    1. DSP controller dies
       Update the DSP controller programe with the update file
              Use the manostat (UPS) for the machine
    2. The machine doesn't go home (the limited sensor is not working).
       Check the DSP cable connector if some pins are bended
              Restart the mahcine
       Use a new DSP controller
       Check the DSP parameters if there are some mistakes   
    3. Machine moves to the opposite direction
              The DSP cable maybe loose and you can check the cable.
       Change the wire terminal A+ and A- (or B+ and B-) on the driver
       Change the cable connected with the limit switch
         Change a new red limit switch
    4. Main spindle doesn't run
          Voltage is too low and use the manostat (UPS) for the machine
      Check the cable connected from the Inverter to the spindle
      Check the Inverter parameters is there are some mistakes
      Check signal wire from the DSP board to the Inverter
    5. Machine doesn't work accurately 
         Check the parameters for the DSP settings, the pulse value
            Check the driver parameters
      Use ground wire
      Fasten the linker of the screw ball or the gear and pinion space
    6. Engraving size is not right
       Same way as term 5
    7. Machine doesn't work after swich on (including the machine don't go home)
          The switch is broken, change a new switch
      Check the power connector and power supplier
      Check the cable connected with the switch and pin in one end of the cable
    8. Machine strikes sideward peg when it is working
       The sensor switch is over or the sheet copper of the sensor switch is distort, change a new  sensor switch or fix the sheet copper
      The dimension of the machine in controller is not right, reset the dimension according  to the working size 
    9. Blade is broken when engraving
      Lower the engraving speed you can press Y- when the machine is working
      Decrease the engraving septh of one pass
      Collet is in a wrong position and corrects it
          You can grind the blade with the grind machine
    10. There are some leftover of the material when the machine is working.
      Rectify the interspace of the screw of every axis in DSP: SCREW INTERSPACE
      Fasten the linker of the ball screw (for ball screw machine)
    11. Red sensor switch is ok but can't stop the machine
      Sensor switch is dirty and clean it
      Sheet copper is too far away from the red sensor switch, the best distance is 1mm
    12 Add machine in soft ware TYPE3
      Open the TYPE3, and find the machining=> set up machines =>choose the ISO ISEL in CNCmachines=>ok
    13 X-axis or y-axis doesn't move
      Usually it is the problem of the stepper motor, driver and cable connected with the x-axis or y-axis, check them and correct
    14 How to protect the table of vacuum machine
      Don't hollow out the material when engraving
    15 How to change Chinese version to English (DSP)
    16. How to change the language of TYPE3 from Chinese to English
      Open the soft ware type3 and press the button F10. It will appear option windows. You can choose English.
    17. Maintenance
      Clean the machines everyday after work
            Lubricat with the grease every week, just one time push on the gease system and add 1#  or 2# oil, or the grease on our web
        Check the drive components very month when the machine is working, to ensure every party is working under best condition, like the wires, motors, drivers or spindle.